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For Sale: For 2002 M Coupe or similar model

Custom California car cover with mirror pockets, Thule roof rack, and four SSR Reiner Type 6 wheels with BMW centre caps with KUMHO ECSTA MX tires (1-2mm of wear remaining). Contact John Evison at 403-870-4557 or

“New” Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Summer Tires – full set

Delivery km only. Previously took delivery of a new X5 in December and swapped out the OEM summer rubber to all seasons immediately. These have been in storage since and now are to be sold as I’ve run out of storage room. Effectively brand new. High performance summer run flats – rears are 315/35/R20 and fronts are 275/40/R20. Replacement cost with taxes would be close to $2,500.  Asking $1,500.

Contact Ian at (403) 690-8922 or

Wanted: Roof Rack for X1.

Call Tessa at 403 589 9523.