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1991 BMW 325is Autocross + Street Car


I bought this car for my son and I to work on with the goal of autocrossing it.  However, we’ve done the major things we set out to and I did not get the time to travel to autocross events as I planned, so it’s time to pass it on to someone else to continue its journey.

I bought the car from a gentleman in Edmonton who spent 8 years with his brother and father developing the car from a stock 325is to the autocross masterpiece it is today.  They did the majority of the work on the car and my son and I continued with several upgrades over the last couple of years.  This car has had hundreds of hours of labour invested in it with an extensive parts list that includes Ireland Engineering suspension upgrades with coil-overs, Corbeau race seats, Rota wheels with Toyo R888 tires, Wilwood brakes, high performance Mishimoto rad, carbon fibre hood, and many other items. I have a 3-page build sheet that details all of the modifications to the car that I will provide to those who are interested.

I would like the car to go to an enthusiast who will autocross or track it to make the most of all the performance upgrades that have been done over the years.  While it is registered and street legal, it is optimized for racing and is not the most comfortable cruiser.  In addition, it is very loud and conspicuous so it has a tendency to attract the attention of law enforcement if driven to spiritedly 😊  Text Jason at 403-689-7174 if you’re interested.