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BMW Club of Southern Alberta (BMWCSA) is a member of the BMW Club of Canada and is thus affiliated with the International Council of BMW Clubs based in Munich. BMWCSA was formed in September of 1996 and registered as a non-profit organization in Alberta in 2008. BMWCSA is an independent, voluntary, non-commercial organization with both a social and practical purpose.

The Alberta Provincial Administrative Penalties Act

effective February 1, 2022

Current Club President, Greg Walsh, and Founding Club President, Fredrick Kozak, urge you to educate yourself on the NEW Provincial Administrative Penalties Act and decide for yourself whether you wish to contact the Alberta Government Ministers with your thoughts.

The Alberta Provincial Administrative Penalties Act, effective February 1, 2022, is being put in place to eliminate the huge backlog in traffic violations to free courts for criminal matters.

Unfortunately, the Act severely restricts your right to due process under our Constitution – the right to face your accuser, the right to cross examine testimony provided by your accuser or witnesses and the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The new act undermines the presumption of innocence in several ways:
• The limit on the time to plead is reduced to seven days
• Fee for fighting the ticket – for a ticket of $299 or less the non-refundable fee is $50, and for tickets over $299 the non-refundable fee is $150
The non-refundable fee must be paid in advance
• When you do challenge a ticket, you only get a telephone hearing and not a public hearing

These are serious infringements on our rights as enshrined in the Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a part of the Act, “Legal Rights” states:

11. Any person charged with an offence has the right (a) to be informed without unreasonable delay of the specific offence; (b) to be tried within a reasonable time; (c) not to be compelled to be a witness in proceedings against that person in respect of the offence; (d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal….

Calgary Herald Article

What Can You Do?

Let your elected officials know how you feel.


Email Premier Jason Kenney

Email Justice Minister Kaycee Madu

Email Transportation Minister Rajan Sawhney

Find your MLA

Our Mission

To facilitate social and driving events for the benefit of the membership and to promote the enjoyment and sharing of the good will and the fellowship derived from owning a BMW or other fun vehicle.

Our Club Tours and Drives

Our Club has always been about the driving adventure where it be on a track or a road tour.

We live in uncertain times. However, we are making every effort to continue our activities while observing the ever-changing health advisories and rules. Our intent with the following activities is to be ready, giving time for preparation, rather than trying to launch an activity at the last moment with little notice. Far better to have a dream and a plan to fulfill it than just hunkering down!